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About Institution

Since the time of Peter I, Pushcha-Vodytsya has been a health resort area on the outskirts of Kyiv. The air is impregnated with pine volatiles, have a beneficial effect on the respiratory, nervous and cardiovascular systems of the human body. Therefore, in 2016 the Medical Rehabilitation Center "Pushcha-Vodytsya" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine was established, the main task of which is rehabilitation and rehabilitation of civil servants of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, police, servicemen of the National Guard, ATO / OOS members, pensioners and members of their families, employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, veterans of internal affairs bodies. MRC "Pushcha-Vodytsya" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine operates year-round with 160 beds and provides highly qualified and specialized rehabilitative sanatorium treatment and rehabilitation of patients with cardiac, neurological diseases, physical and psychological consequences of musculoskeletal injuries, etc. In its structure, the Center has 2 departments and physiotherapy rooms:

  • Heat treatment - the center offers treatment with ozokerite applications, which improve metabolic processes, improve tissue trophism, reduce joint contractures.
  • CO2 therapy - dry carbon dioxide baths, which improve microcirculation, tissue trophism, gas exchange and oxygenate the blood. Used in diabetes, after myocardial infarction, etc.
  • Electrosleep - by the influence of pulsed current on the brain there is drowsiness and sleep, which gives a full physiological rest and has an analgesic effect. Treats migraines, neurasthenia, asthenic syndrome, etc.
  • Hydrotherapy - The Center has a hydrotherapy department, which consists of four pearl baths, which are carried out with the addition of bischofite and pine extract, which has a beneficial effect on joints and muscles. There is also a hand bath and foot bath, which allows you to affect certain parts of the body without straining the cardiovascular system in case of contraindications. Underwater circular massage, Sharko shower improve blood circulation and stimulate metabolism.
  • Electrotherapy - amplipulse devices, diodynamic currents, myostimulation are used for analgesic, anti-inflammatory effects, and reduce the level of muscle tension with the help of pulse.
  • Inhaler - in the rehabilitation center, in addition to the usual inhalation procedures, singlet-oxygen cocktails with syrups and juices are used, which improves the condition of the upper respiratory tract.
  • Magnetotherapy - devices magnet, magneto-laser, laser, ultrasound are all used by specialists to improve the nervous and muscular system of the human body. Have analgesic anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Salt cave - forms an internal microclimate in which calcium, iodine and sodium ions are released, which stimulates metabolism, promotes the excretion of toxins and reproduces the effects of the sea coast.


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